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Default Re: Buckeye Dan...

Uk can we atleast agree on a couple things?

The Steelers have a better record this year, so this would lead us to believe that they are the better team? I say Yes!
The Steelers coach and a system that has been in place for a lot longer time, so we should be more experienced! I say Yes!
The Steelers actually need this win, so we have more at stake! Yes again!
The Steelers are a seven point favorite on the road, this is a fact so yes from both!
Nothing last forever, I know this, so I know that eventually the browns will pull one out! I hate to admit but yes!
Will it be today! I say No!
Are the browns improving with Romeo? How could they not? They were at rock bottom!
More than likely we will win today! Or we will win! That sounds better!

So with that said! Enjoy Christmas with your sons! Don`t let the loss ruin Christmas for them! Hey theres always next year!
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