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Default Re: Serious Crack smoking going on over at CBS Sportsline

Originally Posted by KingKoopa
well you sure like to bring this up as much as you can, and i somewhat agree with you, but what if we win the championship this year the way we play now, what would you be saying then? i know i've been hard on cowher and will probably continue to whether we win it all or not, but you never know, this style could take us to detroit this year and we can win it all running the ball a lot. and who's to say cowher won't open it up in the playoffs when it matters the most?
Sorry, I just don?t want to see a repeat performance of last year?s postseason. I guess anything's possible, but I just don't see it b/c the teams that are in the playoffs are pretty good against the run (NE, Jax, and the Broncos). That means we have to throw the football and I don't believe you just can turn the switch on in one game, especially with a young qb. He needs development and that progression is being stunted IMO. How is a young qb going to know where to go with the football against a certain coverage if he's handing the ball off the majority of the time? That's my point and it's a pretty good point. lol
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