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Default Re: Rich Rodriguez was "very distraught" in private meeting the night before he resig

Originally Posted by Dino 5 Rings View Post
Rich Rod didn't take the PITT game seriously and neither did his kids. His first day at Michigan he didn't indicate that the OSU game was a big deal.

Tressel's first year at OSU he stated clearly his intention to beat Michigan. Rich Rod doesn't take Rivalry games seriously, and that is his major flaw. In college, the Rivalry game is THE game you have to win. Rich doesn't get it at all.
Ding ding ding! I don't care how good your team is, if you don't take the rivalry game seriously you'll lose the game and you will be shown the door. Look at John Cooper: Dude had the best team in the Country at least twice, didn't get his kids up for the Michigan game (Hell, they blew it against MSU one year) and fell flat on his face. In fact, it's surprising he lasted as long as he did in Columbus.

If he doesn't take the Buckeyes game seriously, especially this year, the Buckeyes will beat the piss out of the Wolverines...which won't bother me one bit, of course, but hardly does anything to rekindle the increasingly one-sided affair OSU-Michigan is fast becoming.
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