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Default Steelers vs Redskins

Here's something I wrote for the game this week! Enjoy!

It's week 12 - time for another football game
3 teams at the top - they're still the same

We meet the Redskins for another game at home
Prepare for a ride on the "Bus" named Jerome

We haven't been 9-1 since 1978
Big Ben has turned this season into something great

We definitely didn't play our best last Sunday
But to be a good team you have to win anyway

Ben may not have had his best game of the year
But the defense stepped up and gave us reason to cheer

We beat undefeateds, we're taking over our division
At the end of the season, it won't be a tough decision

We've heard a lot of big talk over the last few weeks
No one can back it up and we just continue our streak

Before you talk the talk, be sure you can walk the walk
Got Ben? We do - Steelers continue to rock!

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