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Default Re: Serious Crack smoking going on over at CBS Sportsline

Originally Posted by SteelCityMan786
Harmon, Prisco, De Los Santos you are under arrest for smoking pot. You guys have to be the Biggest Dumbasses. The Steelers Are Gonna Beat The Shit Out Of The Browns. The Steelers have something to play for. You guys have to be clowns fans to do so.
I have posted on a couple of Steeler message boards. They are hard to come by these days, at least one that dont shut down. But how come you boys just say we are better then the Browns, Browns suck, Ravens suck, Bengals suck blah, blah blah..... I want to talk to some guys that isnt just a football fan on Sundays are when it is convienant. Me and my ex hubby would go out a couple of years ago after the Steelers lose and nobody is out and the few that are are grumblin on how much we suck. Instead of being some bandwagoners, lets talk some real football. This rah rah stuff was cool when I was a cheerleader rooting for our boys on the field. The pros are for good discussion and how we can get better and at least know how the other teams can beat us or what is their weakness. In the NFL, anyone can win any week. The Browns have a new QB who grew up a Browns fan. His adrenaline will be going thru the roof. Although they have a decent o-line this year (compared to the last few years ), Frye dont have enough weapons to run around with. Not with Winslow and Edwards watching on the sidelines all taped up. This will be his first big test in the NFL. Even on an off year for the Browns, which is most of the time, I never take them lightly. Not a rivalry game, just like in highschool. The first year the browns came back, we whooped em just to get beat by them later in the year.

See boys, it aint hard to talk football

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