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Default Re: Serious Crack smoking going on over at CBS Sportsline

Originally Posted by Rotorhead
If you look at the teams that make it to the big game, they are all strong running teams. The pats went out and spent big money on running, the Broncos live off the run, Dallas back in their haydays, Seattle this year, Ravens in their run didnt even have an offence, but what little they did produce, they ran most of it. Ben can pass it up, unfortunately now his thumb is injured (like last year going into the playoffs if you recall) so it is good we can run if you think about it. Last year was our year, IMO, had our QB not been injured. I think we have a legit chance as long as we limit our mistakes and put pressure on opposing QB's. Our Off is plenty good to score a few TD's and FG's.
now here is a man that knows how to talk football. I know Big ben might have been hurt against New England in the playoffs last year. But I dont like that excuse. I dont like the fact that Cowher would go into a AFC championship, knowing that a rookie QB had a bad thumb and still play him. I was very suprised that Ben wasnt replaced after halftime. The boy gave it his all against a good team, but if he's hurt, you got to play who is healthy. Knowing what we know now about Maddox, he wouldnt have done crap either, but we have a differant gameplan with Tommy in, they werent doing anything with Big Ben in, so its worth a try. At least if you want to win.
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