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Default Re: Why is one of our needs a WR?

Ben confessed, stated, realized, whatever that his success this season greatly hinged on his relationship w/ plax. A big target who can go get the jump ball whenever need be. Every team has got to have a big/tall WR to that can stretch the field and draw double coverage. The Steelers know they need a big guy, we spent way too many years w/ the smurf WR corp and it didnt get us far in the playoffs for the most part.

Hines is the best and El is quick and elusive.. but after that, Wilson is the new guy, who brings speed, but will he have the same impact in Pittsburgh as he did in san fran? and can he beat double coverage like Hines can, on a regular basis. After that its Mays and Doering, 2 serviceable but not spectactular WR's .

The X factor here is Zamir Cobb.. 5'11 but heard he's put on some weight in the offseason conditioning he's been doing, so he may be a viable player for us if his skills are honed enough. But I would be totally SHOCKED if we didnt go for a WR in this draft. Besides the fact that El is a FA next season I believe, but check me on that.
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