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Default Re: Rich Rodriguez was "very distraught" in private meeting the night before he resig

Originally Posted by Dino 5 Rings View Post
Duke has no business in the ACC as a football program. None. They ruin that conference for football. They should be independent so they can play Buffalo, Temple, Amy and Navy every year and throw in some Sun Belt teams to finish out the schedule.

It's been proposed by some that the program should be dropped down to the NCAA's Division I-AA. If being more competitive becomes important, going I-AA makes some sense. At least it would be a reasonable refuge if Duke really wants to have a program.

Whether the 11 other ACC schools would allow Duke to play I-AA in football and remain a conference member for all other sports is debatable. But I wouldn't bet against it at this point. As long as Mike Krzyzewski is coaching, the ACC needs Duke basketball and the money it generates. A compromise could be worked out.

Besides, moving down in football probably would be the best move for everyone. It's obvious that Duke is hurting ACC football, and ACC football -- weak as it may be -- is is only putting Duke in a progressively more hopeless situation.

The league would have to find a 12th member for football-only purposes, but that could be done. Lots of schools would jump at the opportunity. Duke couldn't share in the football revenue, but it still could schedule nonconference games against North Carolina, N.C. State and Wake Forest.
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