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Default Re: Ohh the Luck That I Have

Originally Posted by PAMillerGrrl83 View Post
Oh I have such good luck, I swear if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldnt have any luck at all. My sister, husband, my sisters boyfriend and my SIL and her boyfriend were playing a good ole game of back yard football after a cookout this evening. Well my SIL comes charging at me and slams right into the side of my knee, I hear a pop and I knew something wasn't right, went to the hospital. They did an x-ray and MRI and yes ladies and gents congradulate me, *not on the new baby* but on a torn ACL. Ohh it hurts soo bad and its swollen something awful, I dunno what I'm gonna do now with baby Ben coming and me not being able to do much with my knee so lots and lots of prayers would be nice.
"I feel your pain" MG, as I've had a very painful "pop" on several occasions due to hyperextending my left knee. Best wishes on a full and speedy recovery!
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