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Default Re: Rich Rodriguez was "very distraught" in private meeting the night before he resig

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Out of respect for the days when there was a real rivalry, I do believe it's "UM", not MU.

University of Michigan, not Michigan University.
We have stuff like that in the South too. A&M fans call Texas t.u. instead of UT...Texas fans like to respond that it's neither funny nor insulting, just stupid.

We also have a University of Louisiana controversy. USL formally changed its name to UL-Lafayette ten years ago, but they always de-empahasize the Lafayette part. That irritates three other schools--Tulane, which is the actual University of Louisiana; LSU, which as the state flagship is the target of USL's penis envy; and UL-Monroe, which doesn't like being portrayed as a branch campus of USL when they're equals.
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