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Default Re: More ranks...

I think I am missing something with the whole rank thing. Its not like it gets you anything. Mike, there isn't an executive washroom or something is there once you become assistant coach? So then what does it matter? I like have some structure, but why keep changing the rules? My theory is this...

Say you are a post whore. We will refer to you as PW for the remainder. You see you can become ultimate galaxy leader with 1,000,000 posts. You currently have 6 posts. So you spend two days submitting the following posts: :) , LOL, New England Sucks, etc. Then you see your post count is now 999,990. But several existing members see that you are gaining on them, so they change the post rules to 2,000,000 posts. As a PW you will only continue the habit. So my question is then, just set a limit, stick by it. Hopefully SF will be around for Super Bowl CCX or what not, so by then we will have plenty of head coaches or such, so then what will it matter. To borrow from Dr. Suess, I think we are too concerned with the stars on our belly.

If you want props, they come on there own. BRC and CS are some of the most quoted guys here so if you cant figure out that they know their stuff then you need more help than a few more stars under their name.

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