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Default Re: Rowdy Busch does it again

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Only thing with Busch is he may be peaking early. I think it's pretty funny how he eggs on his haters. He's not 1/10th the asshole that his brother is, and at least Shrub keeps it a little real. Everytime I hear Kurt Busch open his mouth it's pretty much just s steady stream of sanitized practiced BS that floods out...he's probably the least genuine guy in the sport.
after rooting for rusty for so long it is difficult being a kurtfan. sanitized is 100% correct. he must be one of the most bland drivers in the garage. i think getting socked by jimmy spencer and harrassed by the maricopa co. police was the worse thing that coulda happenend to him.

but i will always be loyal to the blue duece. nice to see him come in 4th. quite a shame that newman kept getting caught up in other drivers bs or team penske probably coulda pulled off another 1-2 finish at daytona.

the best part of the race was somebody finally putting johnson in the wall. i rarely root for that but he is the worst restrictor plate driver EVER. absolutely no pit road ettiquite whatsoever. i was really hoping it would be gordon to give him a well earned shove. normally i dont mind when someone pulls a dick move on jeff, but i was even getting aggrivated, as im sure he was.

speaking of jeff, it was refreshing to see him own his mistake. he coulda easilly acted like a little bitch for getting wrecked and he didnt. while i still think he is a chicken head biter, as an ambassador for the sport, his veteran leadership is unmatched other than possibly mark martin. if jimmy johnson cant learn something from his 3 teammates next year, i dont think he ever will.

speaking of jr, im convinced he can "see the air" just like his daddy. i dont think anyone manipulates the sidedraft as well as he does. you dont just learn that type of talent.

i think kyle petty is awesome in the booth. i hope he has a post race career as successful as waltrip and as promising as rusty.

i couldnt believe smoke stepped out of his ride. he's the last driver i woulda expected that from. he must have the baddest case of kyle envy in the world. HA!

i wish theyd go back to calling that race the firecracker 400 instead of naming it after a different soda pop every year.... daytona at nights is spectacular. i really hope they increase the banking at california and make it another restrictor plate track.

and i agree, kyle antagonizing his haters with his signature bow is pretty funny.

who woulda thought a toyota could pull off this many wins in their 2nd season in cup?
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