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Default Re: Why is one of our needs a WR?

I have always seen the draft as a two headed coin. Draft where you really need help, or where you are really good. If you really need help then you get better instantly. But if you draft where you are good(us at LBS as of lately)then you can keep replacing. I know this hedges the bet kinda, but hear me out. We wont draft a PK or FB cause we can get one of those with a phone call. But say El goes elsewhere and Ward retires(just go with it). Now what? We are a great team struck average by no WR corp. Now we draft one WR in the top 4 rounds. We have Ward, El, Mays, Morey then Cobb, Wilson and the drafted WR as unknowns. It turns out as a positive cause we are on the upside for all three rather than having to get a WR just cause we needed one. Hey David Boston? We could really use you right now. How much will that cost us? You don't want to learn our playbook? Positive for what? See where I'm going? At least we can say Cobb has potential, the new WR can grow just like Ben did, and Wilson was a diamond in the rough, and the machine keeps rolling.
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