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Default Re: IOU for WVU: Rodriguez agrees to pay $4M

They hired him for one reason: OSU can't stop teams that have a mobile QB. LSU was the only team in the last 5 years that beat the Buckeyes that DIDN'T have a mobile QB (and Flynn wasn't awful while that thug Perrilloux could definitely scamper). RR brings his spread option offense in and the Wolverine faithful figure he'll be a Tressel killer. It probably didn't hurt his cause that Appy State ran a Rich Rodriguez-type offense.

Only problem is, Tressel gets the rivalry. The second UM hired RR, Tress started spending an extra 15 hours a week looking at ways to defense the spread. My money's on Tressel. If Pitt could figure it out with talent only marginally better than a MAC school, I'm guessing OSU is going to be okay.
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