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Default Re: IOU for WVU: Rodriguez agrees to pay $4M

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
They hired him for one reason: OSU can't stop teams that have a mobile QB. LSU was the only team in the last 5 years that beat the Buckeyes that DIDN'T have a mobile QB (and Flynn wasn't awful while that thug Perrilloux could definitely scamper). RR brings his spread option offense in and the Wolverine faithful figure he'll be a Tressel killer. It probably didn't hurt his cause that Appy State ran a Rich Rodriguez-type offense.

Only problem is, Tressel gets the rivalry. The second UM hired RR, Tress started spending an extra 15 hours a week looking at ways to defense the spread. My money's on Tressel. If Pitt could figure it out with talent only marginally better than a MAC school, I'm guessing OSU is going to be okay.
It also helps that OSU now has Pryor who can run the same offense. I know he'll probally be the scout team QB for Michigan practice this year, not to mention in the future just practicing against him can help the defense defend the spread option.

Also, RR doesnt have a QB who can run the offense. Florida had Tim Tebow. Illinois had Juice Williams. His big success at WVU came with Pat White running the offense. Right now, Dick Rod doesn't have a guy who's nearly as good as the aftormentioned quarterbacks.

And about Pitt beating WVU, I am convinced that Dick Rod didn't want to win that game. He didn't want his team to play for a National Championship, because he was leaving. RR ran the same run play over and over with Slaton knowing it wouldn't work. Pat White was also out for most of that game. I don't know how much was Pitt rising to the occasion or how much was WVU's horrid play calling/missing Pat White.

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