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Default Re: Oklahoma City's 'Big Three'

One small fact check from a self acknowledged bitter onetime Sonic fan...

The team name, colors and history would be staying in Seattle; the rest of it would be headed to Oklahoma City.
Bennet said he would let the name and the colors stay, but he was taking the kistory with him. It is to be "shared." He will make replicas of the banners and trophies and supposeldy keep retired numbers retired.

That all seems wierd to me. I wonder how much appreciation the average OKC fan is going to have for the retired numbers of Jack Sikma and Specer Haywood and their likes. I also wonder, when they make their replica Championship trophy and banner, will they use the Sonics name or the new name? I wonder how much meaning all that stuff will have to a fanbase who didn't participate in that history and associated memories.

Here is a link re: the history issue:

Anyway, its a great article Steelman16. I am honestly happy for the NBA fans of OKC that they have a franchise. You guys deserve one for sure. My gripe is with the sleazy way the ownership and commisioner made it come about.

Take care of the team and watch your back; the NBA is all about taking care of the owners, not the fans.
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