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Default Re: Rowdy Busch does it again

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
A) JJ can drive the wheels off a car...he just needs more discipline
B) Shrub may be the most talented driver in the World...only time and more races will tell. LOADED with talent...but see A
C) These new guys are all spoiled because they WERE handed the keys without really earning it (Irony alert: Most JG haters made that same very wrong assumption).
D) Toyota pick wisely? It seems so now, don't it?
A) so can 42 other cup drivers. they just need better equipment, discipline, etc. sometimes its the intangibles that make a good driver great.

B) kyle doesnt do what he does w/o talent. jj yeley is the perfect example. he woulda failed as a hendrick driver, just like casey mears has. kyle has talent the likes of casey atwood and kerry earnhardt can only dream of.

C) the same can be said about nfl rookies getting $20 mil. + signing bonuses w/o playing a snap in the nfl. i guess thats just the modern day economics of the sport.

hendrick was a true pioneer putting the young, mustached, jeff gordon into a ride. everybody is trying to emmulate him now. hell, even richard petty had to wait to secure a ride from his dad. its a different story nowadays thanks to jeff and rick.

D) i hope all the haters of a "foreign make" in NASCAR get over it. the difference between pontiac or toyota means nothing to me. all those who oppose toyota better be prepared to stop shopping at wal-mart.

camrys are nice cars.
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