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Default Re: SF Fantasy Football Open Enrollment

The drawing has taken place. If there are no objections from Crushzilla or revefsreleets, the first four numbers drawn will go to the SFAFC, while the second four will be slotted for the SFNFC.

Once again, here is the list of entrants:

1. 43Hitman
2. lilyoder6
3. steelwall
4. klick81
5. millwalldavey
6. steeler in carolina
7. steelman 16
8. steelymcmatt
9. frigbee

Here is the random number generator I used:

And here are the results:

frigbee, steeler in carolina, Tankus_Maximus and klick81 - welcome to the SFAFC!

lilyoder6, steelwall, 43Hitman and Steelman16 - welcome to the SFNFC!

Condolences to millwalldavey and steelymcmatt. Might I suggest these two folks be held as reserves in case some of the drawing selectees do not respond to their invitations?
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