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Originally Posted by LambertIsGod58 View Post
Hip, why a defense so high?
our league has defense more weighted like a rb or qb as opposed to a k or te.

while only 12 defenses start on a given week 24 are owned (some smart owners will use their flex on a 3rd defense). this means no more than 8 are available on the free agent market and if you have a sorry 2 those 8 usually suck worse than what you already have. we award (and deduct) points for win/loss (+3/-3) yards allowed, and points allowed. 2 pts for a T.O. 6 pts for a TD or special teams return. when the bears beat the cardinals on monday night 2 years ago, they were the highest scoring "player" of the week. having a defense with a player like devin hester is extremely valuable.

so if you allow only a fg (=7), score a td on a fumble recovery (=2+6), a point for each of 5 sacks (=5), win the game (=3) and allow fewer than 200 offensive yards (=5) your team scores 28 points.

on the flipside, isf your team gives up 40+ points (=-7) and loses (=-3) you got a negative 10 points right there that gets subtracted from your total.

the average ppg differential is far greater between the 5th and 15th highest scoring defenses as opposed to say, the #5 and #15 ranked qb's.
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