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Default Newman leaving Penske in 09

i guess its official. while nothing was announced for his plans for next season, this is undoubtedly a chance for him to get out of the pieces of shit dodges and join team stewart/indiana/chevy next season.

i really hope this doesnt mean i will be a danica patrick fan next season, but knowing roger penske, i have a bad feeling.

oh well, newman will always be 1 of my favorite drivers and my loyalties will definitely follow him to his next endeavour.

if i can root for kurt busch, i can definitely root for newman in a new ride, despite being owned by stewie.

but damn...

there isnt much to offer to team penske as far as FA's go. despite a potentially large, kurt busch type contract being possibly being offered, nobody is clamouring to opt out of their deals to ride for a team who wasnt even able to win a champ with one of the greatest drivers to grip the wheel (thats RW for those who act like they dont know).

i still cant figure out how roger penske, who probably has more money and success than anybody in professional american racing, cant find success in NASCAR.

i think a large part has to do with the way he changes good crew chiefs like people do underwear. ever since buddy parrot retired from rustys team, there has never been any true sense of commitment to the PEOPLE who make NASCAR what it is.

perhaps, like in indycar and f-1, roger thinks money is always in the answer. but in NASCAR it is only half the equation.

that is probably what makes NASCAR so great.
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