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Default Re: Boren disliked Rodriguez, transferring to Columbus

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
I'm an OSU fan first, but my #2 team is WVU. I can tell you that Coach Rod is a very gifted coach. He's also a pretty good recruiter too. He will bring in the talent needed to run his style of offense in short time. When he first came to WVU, they struggled quite a bit too. If JoePa or Lloyd Carr were to go to OSU or PSU, they wouldn't have to find a whole new set of player to run their styles of offense. It would be a matter of tweaking the teaching. Coach Rod isn't tweaking, he's revamping.

I can say this. Even if he never plays a down for OSU, I'm glad they got Terrelle Pryor and not Michigan. He's a perfect fit for Coach Rod's offense. PSU fans should be glad he's anywhere but at Michigan too.
We still have 2 mobile QB's fortunately on the roster this year. and right now we're in the running for a QB from California. However with JayPa running the QB Show I wonder how things will go.

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