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Default Re: My Sports Numbers Quiz

Originally Posted by Steelman16 View Post
I put together a 20-question sports-numbers quiz for y'all to enjoy. Post your answers, and I'll give you a x-out-of-x response, so nobody knows what you got wrong. (if any ) Just PM me for the real answers.

Got it?

Good. Here goes. Easier to (hopefully) harder:

1. What number did Michael Jordan wear?

2. What number did Michael Jordan wear for one game after his game jersey was stolen?

3. What number did Hammerin’ Hank Aaron wear?

4. What NFL great wore the number 13 to Hall of Fame distinction?

5. What NBA great wore the number 13 to Hall of Fame distinction?

6. Who is best associated with the number 3 in the world of baseball?

7. What number did NFL-great Lawrence Taylor wear?

8. What number did oldtime NFL Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik wear?

9. Who is the most famous number 99 of hockey?

10. Who was the tough defensive lineman that wore #65 for the Houston Oilers in a Hall of Fame career?

11. Which NASCAR driver carries the number 48?

12. What number did Roy Campanella, catcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers wear?

13. What number did baseball great, Joe DiMaggio wear?

14. Who was the start-stop-take-it-to-the-‘zone runningback who wore #20 for the Detroit Lions?

15. What number did Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Roberto Clemente wear?

16. What number did old-time Celtics John Havlicek wear?

17. What number did former President Richard M. Nixon wear during his years at Whittier College?

18. Who was the #70 who lumbered 66 yards for a supposed Minnesota TD-fumble-recovery, only to find he’d run to the wrong end-zone?

19. Who was the Chicago Bears defensive end who is quoted to have said “The sack man’s comin’. I’m your man Dent. If the quarterback’s slow, he’s gonna get bent.” And what was his number?

20. What number did the winningist hockey goalie of all time, Patrick Roy, wear?

Extra Question:
21. Who is the Clown Prince of Basketball, and what number did he wear?

1. 23
2. Besides wearing 23 and 45, for one game against the Orlando Magic during the 1990-1991 season he wore number 12 after his uniforms were stolen from the vistor's locker room.
3.Hank Aaron wore uniform number 5 his first year for the 1954 Milwaukee Braves, and "The hammer" wore number 44 for the rest of his career.
6.Babe Ruth
7. 56
8. 60
9.Wayne Gretzky is the most well known hockey player to wear 99 in the modern era. Some say he choose it because he was originally signed for 99 years. The more popular story is that Wayne decided that he would wear number 99 to honor his favorite player, Mr Hockey, Gordie Howe.
10. Elvin Bethea
12. 39
13. 5
14. Barry Sanders
15. 21
16. 17
18. DE Jim Marshall
20. His jersey number 30 has been retired by the Granby Bisons, His jersey number 33 has been retired by the Colorado Avalanche.

21. Meadowlark Lemon #36

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