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Default The SEC

Okay, I was "talking" (more like wanting to smash in the head with a brick) with a fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks who lives near me.

He was spouting off how Ohio State, and the rest of the Big 10 for that matter fears the SEC and that's why they don't schedule Out Of Conference (OOC) games with SEC teams.

I responded that the problem isn't the Big 10, but it's the SEC schools not wanting to travel out of the south.

Ohio State will gladly play anyone OOC. They try to schedule at least one OOC game with someone where it'll be a challenge [Texas twice, Washington (were scheduled back when they were good), USC this year and next, Miami after that].

I have heard that they tried to get some home-and-home series (that's the only way they'll do it, the other school has to come to Columbus once) with a few SEC schools, but they all refused to do the game in Columbus.

I have noticed that the SEC teams rarley leave the south, and when they do they normally play in California/Nevada/Arizona where the weather is still nice. It seems they don't like to be away from the SEC fan base, and if they are they have to be gauranteed good weather...something you are not gauranteed in the north.

I would say the SEC is afraid of having to play too far out of SEC territory and that they are afraid of playing in elements other than sunshine.

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