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Default Re: The SEC

You were correct Roeth. OSU requested home/away games with Florida, and the Gators told then in no uncertain terms that they would not play OSU in a home/away series. This was under Geiger as the AD. He would not disclose which other SEC schools also refused, but there were others. And OSU has no interest in playing any ooc teams other than top notch, top 25 talent, so it wasn't Vandy.

Tress was on Rome yesterday (although there was some guy filling for Jim). The guy asked Tressel point-blank why he schedules games that most coaches won't, and his answer was a classic. He said these kind of ooc home/away games are perfect because they create NC buzz early, are great big game experiences for the kids, definitely help with sos, and are great for the zillion and a half OSU alumni everywhere in the country. He pointed out in particular the OSU/USC game in week 3 this year. Will there be another game of anywhere near that magnitude played in September anywhere else? No effing way! It's brilliant and I love the fact that my Bucks policy is anyone, anywhere, anytime.
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