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Default Re: The SEC

Bleep blop bloop. YSU is a favor...get over it. OSU has NEVER played a D1-AA team before, and they never will again. They also cannot control how tough the BIg Ten is year to year, and there were years when the Big Ten was the toughest conference in the country, and, guess what, there will be years again soon when it is again. It's all cyclical. So because OSU has tough ooc games scheduled for the next 14 years, do you think they will cancel them under the "SEC we already play too tough a schedule crybaby rule".

No, they won't.

Want to know why you should play a tough ooc schedule? So you don't end up like Auburn, playing Citadel and Coastal Carolina and going undefeated and missing the NC game. They deserved what they got, and it is their own fault (and the fault of any other SEC team hiding under the cover of how tough their in-conference schedule is) that they didn't have the resume to play in the big game. Also, what happens when the SEC has a down year (and they will have down years). Those games against Middle-Tennessee State and East Carolina don't look so sweet when Alabama is 5-7 and Tennessee is 6-6.

The facts are facts. OSU asked, and the teams pussed out and said no. You can type any excuse you like, but it will NEVER change the fact that there is no other program in all of D1 football that schedules tougher ooc games than OSU.

Finally, OSU was rebuilding last year. REBUILDING. They have 25 returning seniors this year, and 40 players who have been in the program for 4+ years. They will be a force to be reckoned with this year, regardless of blind hatred against them.
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