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Originally Posted by CantStop85 View Post
To me, it looked a lot worse than just being outcoached.
This is one thing that I will never be dissuaded of...I mean the clouds could part and Jesus himself could come down and tell me that that Florida team was better than that OSU team, I'd tell him he was crazy.

OSU was never challenged that year, they had no idea how to play from behind, they had too much swagger and not enough guts. Florida came out, razzle-dazzled them and literally knocked them out in the first Rd. Smith was all out of sorts when Ginn got injured, Tress was rattled (Tress going for it on 4th down in his own territory? Are you KIDDING me?), the defense played on it's heels, and Florida never let up. They ran about 3 conventional offensive plays the whole first half, and THAT was what ate OSU's defense up. Too much was made of the team speed of Florida, and not enough was made of the fact that OSU gave up on it's own style of football. It was BRILLIANT coaching, and the players executed the gameplan to perfection.

But no way in a million years, pound for pound, that that Florida team was better. Position by position OSU was more talented, and that will bear out as far as NFL careers and whatnot. That should not detract from what Florida did, but SEC fans are arrogant almost as a rule and want it to be all about superiority. What made that win truly remarkable was the fact that a team as talented as OSU could be punked as badly by a team that was NOT as talented as them. It was a masterful performance by the Gators.
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