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Default Re: The SEC

The question was why wont most SEC teams travel to the northern states to play?

From a Georgia fan - there is nothing to gain from it. We have the best overall conference. We make more money than any other conference. We have won more BCS titles than any other conference. Georgia is already playing a schedule with over 50% of its oppenents ranked in the top 25. Why bother. With the conference championship we generally play 3 top 10 games a year - not including the bowl game.

"Why travel down to Georgia, Florida, LSU, Arkansas, Alabama, etc when none of them will return the favor and come up to Columbus and play? It's only fair."

Who cares if its fair. Is it fair that the Big 10 refuses to take part in a college playoff? Is it fair that OSU played in the tilte game without beating a SINGLE team in the AP top 15? Is it fair that the SEC and Big 12 have conference champiohsip games and the Big 10 doesn't?
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