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UGA has worked out deals with schools were instead of playing a home and away series UGA gets 2 home games and play one away. We did this Oklahoma State. I am not sure how we got the Arizona State game. If it was up to me i would fire the schedule maker. why the heck schedule that game. we play a 8 pm (arizona time) saturday game then have to come back and play alabama the next weekend. you guys play at USC and get troy the following saturday, beware they will play you very close altough their offensive coordinator left for Auburn but thats a game that might get ya. I know its nice and all to have these OOC games but unless we have a playoff system it can really hurt a team. Look how the OSU team cruised through a soft schedule last year (with a loss) and made it the title game. If i had a choice thats what i would choose over these difficult games. Think if you did not have to play that USC game you would have golden path to the BCS title. You still have the path of least resistance, you can lose to USC and easliy make it back to the title game.
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