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Default Re: The SEC

Continually bagging on the current state of the Big ten makes no sense. Again, when the SEC takes a shit as a conference (and they will again), and one of the top teams misses the NC game for playing nothing but creampuffs, your entire argument will crumble.Conversely, since OSU has these tough ooc games scheduled for the next couple decades, what happens when the Big Ten resurges and has 4 or 5 (or more) top 25 teams (and it WILL happen again)? Do we use the same BS excuse the SEC teams do?

Of course we don't. We can't, because we aren't afraid to schedule tough ooc year after year and don't hide behind empty excuses about in-conference strength.

Until the Big Ten adds a twelth team, there will NEVER be a conference championship game, nor should there be. Same goes for the Pac 10. That's just the way it is, and it makes very little sense to argue against the way it is.

Also, the argument that it is somehow OSU's fault that the Big Ten has had down years borders on retarded. What are they supposed to do, schedule more top 25 ooc games? Are they supposed to turn down future invites to the NC game? It all makes absolutely no sense, yet, here we are, arguing all the same old nonsense over and over again.

My question becomes, will OSU earn the respect they deserve when the Big Ten returns to prominence and they end up playing and beating a top ranked ooc team? If they run the table this year, beat #1 USC on the road, and win the NC game, are people STILL going to bag on them?

Finally, as far as championships based on conferences, I found this:

Now, if you take the current conference memberships and assign all individual team championships to the CURRENT conference, rather the conference membership at the time the championship was won, then the current membership of the Big 12 leads all conferences with 16. The Big 10 and SEC are tied for second at 13.
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