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Default Re: Going to see the Pirates

Originally Posted by GoFins11 View Post
This will be my first time in Pittsburgh and I will be going to a Bucs game. Any recommendations as far as sights in the city, stadium info, seating, and stuff like that.

I probably will be attending one of the games July 25-27 against the Padres.

I'll be at the games on July 25 and 26, that is, if I still have some Pepto Bismol left over after watching this team's horrible starting pitching night in and night out. As far as sights go, it depends on what you're into - there's a lot to do in and around the ballpark and downtown. If you're looking for a good restaurant pre-game, I recommend Soho, which is on the first floor of the Spring Hill Suites across the street from the ballpark. Good food, nice bar and has 4 large HD screens showing other games. As far as seating goes, you can't go wrong anywhere in the park - every seat is a good seat. And they're not very expensive - the most expensive seat not in the club sections is $35 for a baseline box - and the cheapest is $9 in the outfield grandstands and the second deck of the left field bleachers. You would also have access to the Hall of Fame Club in left field, which I hear is pretty nice and has live bands playing after weekend games. Let me know what you're planning and I'll give you all the info I can.
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