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Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post
Okay, I was "talking" (more like wanting to smash in the head with a brick) with a fan of the Arkansas Razorbacks who lives near me.
USC 70 Arkansas 17
USC 50 Arkansas 15 And the games weren't even that close.

Ohhh Buckeye fan. The eight-week countdown starts today. It's almost time to sharpen the keys on the keyboard and grease up the mouse. Not quite yet.

But dude. Talking to SEC fan is like talking to a DailyCos freakin' nut job. Blinded by reality. There is no honest debate just . The Razorbacks admitted that the 2006 USC game was the most important game in "school history" (their words) in response to the decapitation from 2005. And the Trojans brought the grill and roasted that pig whole. Their response to that...Stanford.
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