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Default Re: NCAA Football 09

Originally Posted by RodWoodsonwasprettycool View Post
what about for ps3s :(
Originally Posted by millwalldavey View Post
I used to get rosters from a guy called Blacklover on the MaddenMania site for PS2... it's been a few years since I played... I cannot play it w/o rosters. I always enjoyed NCAA more than Madden.
I still frequent MM now and then.. er.. now is part of Operation Sports. But anyways, Rod/Davey, if you need them for the PS3 you can still get them on MM.

If I read your posts correctly (you need PS3 rosters), you can get them off a member named Lanteri. There is a thread there that has them in a zip file. Everyone in the MM community that had the issue with the roster seems to think its partially to blame from EA Locker. If you have a thumb dirve or even an ipod, so you can transfer the file to that and onto your PS3.

I also belive the PS2 rosters are about done if not already done.

Side note.. EA knows what caused the 'roster glitch' and apparently they are working on the patch. But I've been using Lanteri's rosters since they've been done and have no issues what so ever. He did all but the four bottom ranked teams as a 'just incase,' because those were the teams that started to dissapear, but again, no probs with Lan's roster.

Also don't know what ever happened to blacklover. He was a god on the PS2 rosters.
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