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Default Re: Trade ideas???

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
Neal Huntington should be fired 2 seconds later if he makes a deal like that. Horrible, horrible trade idea. If any of their good players get traded, they'd better get some good, young, ML-ready talent in return, and from the looks of things, that's exactly what they're after - not a pitcher whose best years were behind him 3 years ago. That's a trade Dave Littlefield would make.

That's the first thing I thought, too; it would be like trading those guys for Jack Morris. We need guys we can build with; Nady is under contract for another year, Maddux is a year away from retirement!

On second thought, the deal would never get made. The Padres would be laughing so hard at the fact that WE called THEM offering this, they wouldn't be able to sign the deal, giving the Pirates fans the opportunity to sneak in the back door and kidnap Huntington before the deal gets consummated.
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