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Default Re: Steelers vs Browns Game Day Thread

well i'm bored as hell and i just read every post in this thread (which is no easy task being that where my grandparents live they have the slowest f'n internet connection in the world) just gonna respond to a few post on this post

responding to tony about the ppl talkin shit about big ben only throwing short passes, damn that pisses me the hell off and i wish they'd actually watch a whole game and not just come in on a few plays and see him throw a screen, ben has a arm and accracy, just cause he doesn't throw a lot doesn't make him shit when it comes to having to throw the ball long

i'm glad the jags won today, who cares if they don't have nothing to play for i rather not play the pats, they are starting to click and they are gonna be scary as hell in the first round. plus i want the texans to get reggie bush so every week i can seem him be a flop (and hopefully see his running mate be with us and be a hugh succes lol)

and why were they clowning haynes on the sideline?

and we shouldn't thank the browns for quincy, we should thank the cowboys for releasing him so they can add peerless price

well that's about all i got to say. next week i'll be home and will be able to chat with ya'll during the ass beating of the lions


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