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Default Re: Nady and Marte Traded to the Yankees

I hate this trade today with the hope that I'll love it tomorrow.

You really don't know with baseball. The farm systems are so deep and reaching the actually Major League level is a process. This could be a steal in the other direction in four years. You just don't know.

Of course it looks bad on paper. You have two teams in different directions. One is trying to win its division.. one is.. erhm..rebuilding.

I love X, but he wasn't really the future... and to be honest this outfield has the potential to be DEEP. Bay, McLouth, Cutch, Doumit, Morgan, Tabata. You never know, there could be a winning combination in there in a few years.

What the Pirates DO need, they may also get as they trade one pitcher for three. This team isn't trying to win right now.. even if I want them to so, so badly.
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