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Default Re: My family and cancer

Thanks, all, especially for the prayers for my sister; I know that means a lot.

You know, it is a tough break, but it isn't really; the sun comes up, we go to work, we go on vacation, we go to sleep, we make the car payments, we go to the doctor, we make dinner... it's life. And like HTG, I am one of the "100% positive" people; even when I'm down, I'm still optimistic and positive; "down" is really more like "keep on keepin' on".

But who'd have predicted the confluence of events that would give us this increased risk times 10... or, how about the medical advances (diethylstilbestrol notwithstanding) that would allow us to KNOW the increased risk and take precautions? It cuts both ways; it's dark, but there's some good, too.

I was just feeling it both ways a little, and had to write it out and put it up.
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