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Default Re: Going to see the Pirates

Originally Posted by GoFins11 View Post
Just got back to the hotel from the game.


We sat in section 328 row E. They were super seats for only 9 bucks. My girlfriend and I loved the skyline view. The ballpark impressed the hell out of me. Only downside was driving in Pittsburgh

I am now a bonafide Pirate fan(second to the Fish of course)

328, Row E...hmmm, that would mean you sat just 2 rows in front of me - I'm in 328, Row G. If you ever heard or saw a big, black guy with a big mouth wearing a Pirates sleeveless shirt sitting next to a good-looking older lady and a big, white guy with an even bigger mouth, then you saw and heard me in the wild. I'm glad you and your girlfriend enjoyed the ballpark - I told you those seats were among the best in the building being so close to the action and with the view of downtown you get. Yes, driving in Pittsburgh is a chore with the 10,000 construction projects going on, but seeing a game at PNC is well worth the trip. Hope you are able to see another one soon! But trust me...stick with being a Marlins fan. At least they have a good, young team with a pretty bright future
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