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Default Re: 1st Fantasy Draft of year 08-09

Thanks for the replies guys & gals! I agree about drafting too early, but the draft is my favorite part and I could no longer wait. That's why I did another draft last night, lol. Results below. Keep in mind, I'm in 3 leagues (with $money$) where we will be drafting later in August, so that's the ones I'm more concerned about. Last nights draft I got 12th pick out of 12 teams. I made some crazy picks, but these are just practice drafts before the real ones start up. Thanks again..

QB - Peyton Manning (1st round)
QB - JaMarcus Russel (14th round)
RB - Clinton Portis (2nd round)
RB - Maurice Jones -Drew (3rd round)
RB - Lendale White (6th round)
RB - Edgerrin James (8th round)
RB - Just Fargas (13th round)
WR - Plaxico Burress (4th round)
WR - Anquan Boldin (5th round)
WR - Javon Walker (7th round)
WR - Sidney Rice (11th round)
TE - Owen Daniels (10th round)
K - Kris Brown (12 round, ran out of time and was "auto-picked")
DST - Eagles (9th round)

I sure have some head cases in the receiving deparment.

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