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Default Re: Camp Notes - July 28th

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
Not to mention how everyone was laughing and applauding our two LB's in the mid 90's who destroyed 3rd string QB's... even while Cowher was yelling and screaming at them...

Funny how things change so fast.
great point.

Gay was the preseason "flavor of the week" last year, just like anthony smith was, the year prior.

who woulda thought, years ago, that (benchwarming) townsend woulda had the longest tenure out of 1st round draft pick c. scott or high profile FA d. washington.? who ever thought c. hope (after several years learning, and much critisizm) would be a highly coveted free agent? very few.

its as simple as this-

steelers rarely draft rookies to provide immediate impact becaues they rarely need to rely on a rookie to provide immediate impact.

but we live in the "ben roethlisberger era" where rookies go 13-0 in their first regular season and win the superbowl in their 2nd. eat a chrysler in their 3rd and shatter steeler passing records in their 4th...

of course that is the rare exception and not the norm.
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