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Default Re: Notes from the first day of practice

man, i am so freaking pumped, i cant even get through reading the 3rd post. thanks for taking all the time to share this with us. greatly appreciated (especially for us who may never see a pro camp).

thats great news about willie reid. i know his returns sucked but his receiving skills were never that bad. id hate to see a 3rd round pick who seems to be a good guy get pissed away. i hope he eans a spot (even if its at the expense of bloom or baker).

i like hearing that about fox an mcbean on ST.

did max starks do anything right?

harrison and woodley sound unstopable. and to think they only have 1 year starting experience between them. could it possibly be "quiver and quake" vol. II ???

timmons and mendenhall are still so young. it sounds like they may be steelers for a looong time. possibly future faces of the franchise.

i really liked the potential spaeth showed as a rookie. sounds like he continues to improve.

seems like hartwig will win the job fairly easy.

thanks again vrabinec. i hope you continue these updates.
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