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Originally Posted by Crushzilla View Post
Good stuff, Rev.

I made up these points last year based on another league I really enjoyed. I feel like these settings really open up other positions you can rely on. Generally, Fantasy Football is ruled by running backs. In this league, though, good running backs or good receivers or even a really good squad of individual defensive players, can be your breadwinners.

I know we have some newer players here so I'll just point out a few things.

All the veteran players know to study the points BEFORE the draft. I know it sounds simple, but seriously, people don't always do it. I participated in a league that had RIDICULOUS point settings for kick returners. The third best player in points behind Tomlinson and Brady was Joshua Cribbs. So, be sure to know what kind of guys you want before the draft. You can snag some good players in the late rounds that would normally be passed over.

You're right. Pass catching RBs are very valuable in this league. With that said, so are high reception receivers. A player having a mediocre performance in yards can still have a respectable outing if they have a few receptions.

Rev is right. The yardage was set like this to kind of level out the gap between RBs and WRs that you normally see. I've had reliable receivers carry my offense some weeks. Obviously, pass catching RBs become even more valuable because they earn receptions and any yardage they pick up counts as much as a run up the middle. Rushing yards are also 10:1.

As a few people have pointed out, "D" is a flex position. Remember to look at the point settings for individual defensive players. The way Yahoo works is that there a DL and DB. DL is anyone in the front seven (DTs, DEs, ILB, OLB, MLB, etc.). DB are your secondary, obviously. So you have 2 DLs, 2 DBs, and any combination of the 2 for the D. You can have 4 DL and 2 DB (my favorite), or 3 of each, and so on.

On defense, there are a lot of points to be cleaned up, if you pick the right personnel. Remember, just because they are a great player (how many tackles does Casey Hampton actually get?) does not mean they are a great fantasy player. Also, Solo tackles are worth a point. That's as much as ten yards for an RB. Like receivers, I've had 2 or 3 defenders put a game away for me. Perhaps even consider one that does kickoff duties, as well.

Some of this may seem obvious, but its good to actually HAVE a plan.
Thanks a lot Crush. That clears things up nicely.

"Football is a physical game, or at least it used to be" -Mel Blount
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