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Originally Posted by pittsburghp8baller View Post
EA has changed the fighting engine for this year. they have included One Punch KOs and like 2k u can move around the ice.

i have played 2k and the only two things i liked about it is- the fighting and fantasy drafts in franchise/dynasty mode. but now the fighting is suppose better and their might still be a fantasy draft included in it next year, too many have been asking for it for too long.

Also with Be A Pro Mode and even Be A Pro Mode Onine Mode where u take ur player online, and even the Czech and Russian elite leagues, EA is gonna blow 2K out of the water
Yes, but can you have more than 3 fights in a game? In 2K, you EA, nope. Most of the time I like to play the game straight up, but there are times, like when rivals play each other, where I like fight-filled games. From what I've read, though, EA has done a lot to improve its overall game play and added some nice new features. And I believe they are adding the fantasy draft this season.
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