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Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
Oh, and a word to the wise: DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, USE YAHOO'S RANKS! They are awful! I think one year they had Chris Hope as the top rated defensive player in the whole league, based upon THEIR default scoring system. Do your own research if you want to be competitive.

And if you get stuck in autodraft without pre-ranking a few hundred players yourself here's how your draft will look:


I may be exaggerating a tad, but, I'm telling you, I'm not far's awful.

Right. If you cannot make the draft, be sure to preset your own rankings. It is tedious, but the entire process won't take you all that much longer than the draft itself, unless you are VERY thorough.

As Rev mentioned, the individual defensive players rankings are absolutely HORRENDOUS. I am truly baffled that they have not resolved this very obvious flaw in the drafting system.

This means two things:
1.) You actually have to know what defenders you want, since you won't have the luxury of seeing the general consensus of "best available."
2.) If you do autodraft and DO NOT preset your individual defensive players it is hardly the end of the world. Defenders are one position where you can clean up on the waiver wire. Trust me, every year a handful of "tackle machines" come out of nowhere.

EDIT: Seriously, its bad. Last year I think the first defender off the board was Dan Klecko, followed by Larry Izzo. Look those guys up....
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