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Default Going back to school

After talking with quite a few police officers, I have decided that law inforcment isn't the field I should go into.

So after a lot of praying, discussion with friends and family, and a college counselor...I have decided that I am going to go back to school.

I will more-than-likley start school in the Spring Semester at Lorain County Communuty College in Elyria, Ohio.

I will be going for my Associates of Applied Science degree majoring in Electrical Engineering.

This is what I will be taking:

First Semester
CMNW 141 Computer Diagnostic and Repair
ELCT 111 Electrical Circuits I
ENGL 161 College Coposition I
MTHM 121 Technical Mathematics I
SDEV 101 College 101
TECN 111 Technical Problem Solving OR
CMNW 101 A+ Certification Preparation I (what I will probally take)

Second Semester
ELCT 112 Electrical Circuits II
ELCT 121 Digital Electronics
ENGL 162 College Composition II
MTHM 122 Technical Mathematics II
Arts and Humanities Elective(s) OR
Social Science Elective(s)

Third Semester
CADD 111 Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting OR
CMNW 147 Digital Interactive Systems Intergration OR
SMNW 201 A+ Certification Peraration II
CMNW 145 Network Installation and Diagnostics
CMNW 221 C, C++ and Linux for Hardware Interfacing
PHYC 151 General Physics I

Fourth Semester
CMNW 220 Digital Communication
CMNW 222 Computer Forensics and Data Recover OR
ELCT 221 Microcontrollers
CMNW 241 Advanced Computer Diagnostics
Arts and Humanities Elective(s) OR
Social Sciences Elective(s)

So hopefully after four semesters of college I will have my degree and be able to get myself a good job in the IT field.

However, I do have one stumbling block to overcome before I do this.

This won't be my first time in college, actually it won't be my first time at Lorain County Community College. I went for part of a semester in the fall of 2003 and just quit going to class. So I failed all of my classes and right now I carry a 0.00 GPA. They do have a procedure to wipe my slate clean and let me start over, but they are rather selective, they don't do it for just anybody.

So if they decide to not do it for me, it won't even be worth it to go because it'll take forever to get my GPA to a passing one.

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