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Default Re: Some questions for folks who have been to camp

Originally Posted by Mosca View Post
1) Folding chairs, or bleachers? Should we bring something to sit on?

2) Cameras; is there a limit on lens size, and how easy is it to get close enough to get good action shots with a medium telephoto (135mm on a crop body, equal to 200 on a 35mm)?

3) Are there water and refreshments, and shade? My dad is 80, I want to keep him comfortable.
1) There are bleachers---but they are in the full sun. You can bring folding chairs or a blanket and sit under the trees at the one end of the practice fields.

2) I don't know about camera restrictions. I think you could get pretty good shots with a telephoto---but I can't tell you specifics.

3) There are refreshments and airconditioning in the student union----a short walk across from the practice fields. There are also refreshments sold in the "Steeler Experience" area behind the practice fields. There are some trees for shade, and you can probably get a seat under them---though the view is not quite as good.

Its a little bit of a walk from the parking to the fields---but not too bad.

I'm a St. Vincent alum, so I'm biased, but its a beautiful campus. If you need recommendations on places to eat afterward. Let me know.
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