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Default Re: Madden 09 (Specials)

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post
I can't wait for Madden, but there is a feature I don't like in 09. The new 'do over' system -_-

Not sure if you guys heard about it, but you can have a do over, equivalent to golf’s mulligan, (I think) three times a game per team in Madden 09. So if fast Willie makes a 90 yard run to the house, the other guy can just rewind the play. Very stupid in my opinion. Why make the game LESS realistic? I thought they were aiming for more. It should still be good, but that little niche this year really bothers me. I'm not looking forward to that.
That's ridiculous. Hopefully you opt not to use that rule.
"Roughing the Brady - 15 yard penalty: Automatic first down."
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