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Default Re: Trading Bay?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post

same shit different year

are the pirates really trying to rebuild?

whats the point of rebuilding a single wide mobile home in a trailer park when you live in "tornado alley"?

the pirates draft at the top every year for the past 15 years, yet they constantly trade their best players for prospects of teams who are constantly drafting at the bottom year in and year out.

i get sick every time i see wakefield pitch, or leyland in the world series. im disgusted when i see a. ramirez or b. bonds in the hunt. i cant believe jason kendall has been one of our best players in a decade and a half.

no wonder im a disgruntled, dropout baseball fan.

I agree .... but the model of trading away players entering into their large contract years for young prospects (while finding your own as well) can work in MLB. The Marlins are the best example of how you can have some success. Of course, only the big market teams can compete year in and year out, but this model does allow for small market teams to make runs. The problem is that the Pirates have been complete failures at anything approaching copying the Marlins success in both getting value for their trades and developing their own talent.

Will this new regime be better? I don't have much confidence without a change in ownership, but trading Bay and Nady for young prospects would be part of any successful plan to rebuild this team.
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