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Originally Posted by verks36 View Post
As many have said in this thread I kinda lost interest in baseball because the pirates are so bad. Which is kinda sad but so many losing season i just can bare to put emotion into a team that loses and seems like they dont want to win like the pirates.

Seriously I am sick of this shit. I have no trust at all in the pirates front office. I dont care how good are propects we got in the trade are because they will be traded away just like jason bay. The pirates are basically like the MLB farm team. When will we make a run when is it not a rebuilding year.

The sad thing is the future doesnt even look so bright. Right now we are in the bottom and could drop even farther. Who on the pirates team is the next star? Who is going to devolp into the pirates number one pitcher. When will we be on the other end of these trades where we give away minor leaguers while in return we get the star player?

end of rant
Um, you ever hear of Nate McLouth? I heard he's pretty good. That Paul Maholm guy isn't too bad either.

The Pirates still have plenty of talent, both at the major-league level and at AAA that is major-league ready. The problem is that the former regime did such a piss-poor job evaluating and drafting quality players for their minor league system at ALL levels that the new regime has had to come in and fix the mess. And unfortunately, that meant Bay, Nady and Marte had to go. It really doesn't have much to do with ownership this time - the Pirates did not make these trades to save money. I admit I got pretty upset when Nady and Marte were traded, but after settling down and thinking, I understand the reasoning behind the moves. I'm willing to give Huntington a chance - the guy has a good track record of rebuilding a franchise (Cleveland), so he's earned that at least.
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