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Default Re: The Coaches Poll

Now...lets take a good long look at this. First and most obvious is the OSU USC rankings. They play each other week 3. So the loser, of that game between 2 and 3 could drop all the way down to at least 9 in the rankings. Considering that none of the teams above them should have a loss at that point in the season. they play one another on 9/13.
So take a look at the other teams and who they play up to that point.

Georgia has Georgia Southern, Central Mich and then South Carolina on 9/13. Not likely to lose those games. Not if they are truly a #1 team.

Oklahoma plays Chattanooga...nevermind how Sick that makes me, then they play Cincinnati, which could be a tough game for 2 and 1/2 quarters, and then at Washington on 9/13. If it was Oregon, I'd worry for Oklahoma...but its not. They should be 3-0.

Florida plays Hawaii, yawn, then Miam FL, which could be tough but Florida should win since Miami is two seasons away from being truly viable, then a bi week. They should be 2-0.

The most sickening opening schedule is held by LSU. Appy State, which I doubt they pull an upset this season after what they did to Michigan last year, Then Troy...really? Troy? Then North Texas...without Mean Joe Greene, just not quite a good team. SO they should be 3-0.

Missouri. Now the first game should be wild vs Illinois. If they can find a way to win this game like they did last year, then go on to beat SE Missouri State (Huh?) and then Nevada...who? they should be 3-0. If they lose to Illinois then they will drop hard in the polls into the teens for sure.

West Virginia, Villanova, East Carolina...honestly...that's a joke. I'm embarressed for my Big East. Then they go to Colorado, who will be improved this year and if they aren't careful, could sneak up on WVU. Especially if they think Colorado is the same as the two dogs they just played. Of Coarse, East Carolina, the Pirates I think, aren't that shabby, just don't have the depth to compete for 4 quarters.

Clemson. Alabama week 1. Major Gut Check and I admire this scheduling. after that...seriously...the Citadel...ugly game, then NC State. A very tough game. I don't see Clemson winning all 3 so they will drop into the Teens.

That leaves Texas at 10. Florida Atlantic, who I still think has Never beaten a Div I team...I'd have to fact check that...but FAU is Horrible at football. Then Utep...2-0, then Arkansas, Now Arkansas will take this game very seriously...they HATE Texas, but they don't have the horses to win this one this year. I give this to Texas.

So with Auburn and Wisconsin in good position to move up by being 3-0 after week 3, it is conceivable that the loser of the USC vs OSU game will actually DROP out of the top 10.

That's just crazy.
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