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Default Re: New system? (PS3, XBOX, Wii)

I have the PS3. I don't really play online either. I play mostly Madden, racing and shooter games. I can't speak for the other systems I don't own ( but I have played them ). I really like PS3. The 2 reasons I went with the PS3 are .... I had the PS2 and still like to play the games from it and the PS3 I bought is backwards compatable. Then there is the built in Blu Ray player. Blu Rays are just awesome on my HD 60" tv. For me it's better than going to the theater.

I think the WII is geared to kids and didn't really do it for me.

The Xbox is ok but have to pay more for Blu Ray and unless they changed it you have to pay extra to get Xbox online ( PS3 is free ).

This is just my opinion. Hope you are happy with whatever you get!
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